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Ipostnaked.com is a 100% FREE amateur site where amateur exhibitionists can view and contribute genuine free submitted photos.

New Prizes starting 1st June 2010

Each Month we offer the following prizes.

Amateur Contest
1st - $150
2nd - $75
3rd - Free Pass

Exhibitionist Contest
1st - $100
2nd - $75
3rd - 1 Yr WLP PASS

1st - $100
2nd - $75
3rd - 1Yr WLP PASS

1st - $100
2nd - $75
3rd - 1Yr WLP PASS

WeLovePussy Hardcore Contest
1st - $150
2nd - $75
3rd - WLP or XXXBasement pass

Monthly Hardcore Video Contest
1st - $100
2nd - $75
3rd - WLP or XXXbasement Pass

( All Prizes are paid in US dollars )


Helpful Information About Using The site

Your Free Account

To join ipostnaked costs you nothing, all the information we need from you is your email address and we keep this safe! We don't pass it on to anyone and we don't send out spam either!

When you join ipostnaked your free account entitles you to vote and leave messages for the contributors, you can even send emails through the system without disclosing your email address. You can use the same free account to vote and leave messages on Ipostnaked.com *welovepussy.com *xxxbasement.com (*requires paid membership)

Our site is completely clean!(Apart from the dirty pics! hehe) we don't use any spy-ware or tracking cookies we don't use pop-ups or redirects you are safe with us!

For a FREE account CLICK HERE to join

Lost your login info?CLICK HERE

Want to get your pics on-line with no hassle? Sending us your pics is easy,you don't even have to be a member to get your pics online.We can carry out alterations e.g. blur faces. Just let us know what you require.

Click HERE to upload your pictures!

We also would like all you great movies!!

Click HERE to upload your videos now.!

To vote and leave messages you have to sign up for a FREE account CLICK HERE to join.

A Guide to our categories

We have different categories for posting your pics, please pick the category that best suits you type.

Female Categories

Amateur-This is a general category where you can post almost any type of nude softcore images.

Exhibitionist - This is the place for all those outdoor shots.

Mature- MILF's and ladies of a mature age.

BBW- For all those curvy ladies pics

Softcore Videos- Show us a little dance, strip anything softcore.

Male Categories

Softcore male

- All pics in ladies underwear clothing ect will be moved to our hard male area.

-Any pics of cock rings ect will be moved to our hard male area.

-Please send us no less than 4 pics.

-Any pics that contain close ups and any anal shots will be moved to hard male.

Hardcore male

- Post any type of male pic here, this is the place to show off your package. This section is located in our hardcore site www.welovepussy.com

Couples/ Females

Our hardcore section - www.welovepussy.com

Hardcore- This is where we post our explicit pics.

Hardcore Videos- Post your hardcore movies here.

Too Few/ Quickpost- Get your pics online real fast!

Monthly Competition Rules & Regulations

This applied to all monthly contests across Ipostnaked & WeLovePussy

Competitions are for genuine amateurs only, any professional models or submitters with there own website are not eligible for prizes.

Contributor canonly win one contest per calendar month. Contributor will win highest paid contest prize if they score a winning rank in more than one contest for a given month.

Contributor cannot win the same contest 2 months in a row but contributor is welcome to post and win in our other sections for a given month.Contributors are still free to post new material in all contests and all votes and messages will still be counted by our system.

All winners have a maximum of 90 days from the CONTEST END DATE to claim their prize. No exceptions.

All cash prizes will need to be refunded if your images or videos are removed from our site(s) in future.

By submitting your photos and/or videos you acknowledge and accept that we may use them for promotional purposes.

We are a GENUINE amateur web site and we want to share the wealth between all you lovely women. We want as many people are possible participating and enjoying wins at Ipostnaked & Welovepussy.com & we think this new rule will allow this to happen. We want to encourage new viewers to participate and our daily viewers want to see as much variety as possible on a daily basis. We hope this new rule makes this happen.

So, to summarize there are prizes available in all the contests, amateur,exhibitionist ,glad rags ,hardcore, too/few quickpost, video etc....if you are a monthly winner in one section then please participate in one of our other section contests the following month and switch back again the following month, in order to win a Cash Prize.

However, you are still more than welcome to submit pictures to the same section in consecutive months, and have people vote and comment on them as per usual.

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